The worst possible moments …

July 28, 2010

Apathy is a powerful enemy and weariness, his companion is a worthy adversary; my selfishness and my flesh bring them together to oppose my strength and commitment at the worst possible moments.

Ever been there?


Painful, enduring, and lasting wounds …

July 28, 2010

A really good friend reminded me recently that the most painful wounds are those that are self-inflicted.

I would add that those inflicted by trusted friends take the longest to heal.

A Facebook friend, Charlie Gibson, said, “And those inflicted by your family/significant other, leave lasting scars.”

Opposed by so many …

July 28, 2010

In this world I seek no more than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness … how is it that I covet so little and yet am opposed by so many?

Two for one – The sequel …

July 28, 2010

When you feel like you need to be cheered up, remember so does someone else; you begin with him (or her) and end with you … two for one is a good deal!

[The original “Two for one …”]

Fruits of whine and courage …

July 27, 2010

In life, The Complainer demands cheese with his whine, yet, in the end, his complaints are publicly mixed with the compost of the ages, for use in history’s garden.

But the courage of The Solver is planted deep in history’s soul, that, at a time and place of God’s own choosing, it might bring forth bountiful blooms of every kind.

Don’t be a problem reporter, be a problem solver; don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

Two for one …

July 26, 2010

Two things can be eliminated from everyone’s life it we control just one of the two:

  1. worry concerning things we’ve no control over and
  2. anxiety about tomorrow

Lose the latter and the former takes care of itself.

Of Lemonade & Curveballs …

January 12, 2010

I know when life gives us lemons  it is a mark of a man’s character if he can make lemonade from them, but when life gives us curveballs it’s a game of a different sort.

This requires taking a pitch or two and resisting the temptation to hit it out of the park; in this case one’s character is not measured by labor but rather patience, self-confidence, and skill.