The unbrella of federal corruption …

August 2, 2010

If Obama’s DOJ prevails in the courts re Obamacare, THEN it will have succeeded in undermining the 10th Amendment irreparably.

If the courts determine the federal government has the constitutional authority to force the citizens of a given state to purchase a product from a private company, THEN it can force our people to buy anything that hypothetically, theoretically, actually, or virtually, crosses a state’s border. It might even, by fiat, “deem” it to have crossed such a line.

How you ask? By default. Following such a decision, name one product which that wouldn’t fall under that umbrella?

You might suggest a product produced exclusively within the borders of a given state. I would counter, only if 100% of the product is produced in the state, not 99 44/100%. If so much as a lubricant came from another state, Then it would fall in the shade. If the plastic wrap on the packaged good came from another state … bingo!

I would really be interested in hearing your thoughts on this one.


A byproduct of reality …

July 28, 2010

I am fearfully fascinated at the possibilities of Campaign 2012.

Consider this – IF Obama is reelected (God forbid), THEN we’ll have no option but to conclude most of our neighbors want the Federal Government to run their lives AND that the Liberals/Democrats/Progressives are what we suspect they are – Socialists.

A byproduct of this reality is their de facto rejection of the America we love and the Republic our Founders created.

Muddying the waters of liberty …

July 26, 2010

The Federalists were right when they tried to limit additions to our Constitution prior to its ratification; this was based on a fear the efforts of men to explain legally and exhaustively our birth-rights would simply muddy an already difficult apologetic.

Their reservations have proven to be spot on! Recent SCOTUS decisions only point out that as long as we allow politicians, lawyers and courts to tell us what God meant when He gave us our natural rights, we’ll continue to live in a legalistic and debilitating morass. Every case, brought before and decided by a court, only complicates our existence as a free people.

When man is involved he automatically (though mostly unwittingly) acts as a corrupting agent in his own world.

You’re On Your Own …

January 16, 2010

Americans today must feel somewhat like the young man whose future father-in-law asked, “Young man, can you support a family?” At times it seems like our government wants us to support the whole family of man.

We could learn something from this surprised groom-to-be when he replied, “Of course I can’t; but I do plan on taking care your daughter … I figure the rest of you are on your own.”


HRH KING OBAMA: Taxation Without Representation; Politics of the Sneaky

June 28, 2009

We were promised 5 days to review any new bill before the President signed it; we were promised bipartisanship in the House and Senate … we have yet to see if the public will get their 5-days on “Cap & Tax” (the Senate must pass the bill first) but we know for certain bipartisanship passed through the  outhouse porthole recently! What we have is sneaky, in the middle of the night politics instead.

If there are any Americans who still believe in this administration’s genuineness and sincerety, let them step up and explain the House’s passing of the worst piece of legislation in this country’s history in the middle of the night under bizarre circumstances; let them explain the 300 page admendment no one outside committee had read.

To their credit Republicans stood shoulder to shoulder until eight traitors of the people were found in their midst. Kudos to the sometimes liberal House Leader, John Boehner, for his forceful last minute effort (video) to use the house rules to squash this “pile of $&%(&*.”

Once more you and I have been taxed without much to say about it! Time for a new Declaration of Independence!

WEALTH: Since January 20, 2009

June 25, 2009

Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.

1 Corinthians 10:24

Until January 20, 2009, wealth (discretionary property in the private sector) in the United States was always viewed as under the legal control of its possessor (i.e., earner/inheritor).

Since January 20, 2009, it has become increasingly clear our federal government sees this as an anachronistic view; the former is now morphing into the view that wealth belongs to the state, regardless of source or title (e.g., AIG, GM, Chrysler, health care industry & taxpayers).

Perhaps the illegal enactment of the income tax was the true genesis of this morphing and what we now see taking place … a slow usurping of states rights and therefore individual rights.

Since its formation, Americans have understood the dangers of an untethered central government, yet, in spite of the dangers, they have persistently cooperated with it and its programs.

This predilection has set the American people up, painting them into a no-win corner by the current administration (specifically regarding their 14th Amendment rights).

Rampant ignorance of the US Constitution and the Founder’s intentions, compounded by voter apathy, has endangered us all, as well as our possessions.

This government is patently and egregiously dangerous to its people; if SCOTUS does not find a way to intervene on behalf of the American people, those people are doomed.