Pattern in Islamist bombings …

“Those who follow the pattern of the Islamist bombing campaign know that to label it ‘anti Western’ is to misinform. This misinformed narrative argues that because of various historical injustices perpetrated by ‘ The West’ , radical Islam has begun to hit back, and if only ‘we’ stopped meddling in the affairs of Muslim countries the violence would stop. Sunday night’s bombings in Uganda give lie to that narrative, as do numerous examples over the last decade.” [Tim Marshall]


2 Responses to Pattern in Islamist bombings …

  1. DAve says:

    Today is a happy happy day
    I’ve found you again my friend
    Say hi to all
    All the best

    • Hahahahaha yourself you old reprobate … think of you guys often. Blessings to all. I’ll send you an email as soon as I have time. Amazing to see you still have the same email address.

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