Obama’s clockwork socialism …

According to the history of the kind of coup d’état the Obamatons have in mind (the overthrow of a nation from within is not new) a crisis of major proportions would be orchestrated … one that would justify preemptive protective actions on the part of the governing powers. Their actions would not be popular yet would be tolerated. [as has happened]

The economy would soon tank in order to justify the printing of money until it became worthless. This would then justify declaring a state of national emergency.

Over time (and with stealth) martial law be declared and use of the military would be implemented in order to  “control the people.”

The people would be those who carry their bibles in one hand and their rifles in the other. In other words: Patriot Terrorists.

This would soon be followed by a purge of all those considered enemies of the state, disappearances would be the norm (e.g., Rush, Glen, Shaun, Sarah, and me).

Based on the voting patterns of 50% of our neighbors I doubt there would be a popular uprising. Those who would do so would be dealt with by whoever owned the guns … oh, did I mention our guns would have been confiscated by this time.? Simultaneous  with this, all communications would be co-opted.


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