Useful or useless idiots …

Americans are the most spoiled idiots on earth; where over 50% …

  • voted for Obama-Biden,
  • think Islam is a religion of peace,
  • believe there’s more than one way to Heaven but that there is no Hell,
  • believe we can settle our national debt AND afford Obamacare,
  • believe capitalism is inherently evil,
  • want reduced defense spending BUT increased spending on a failed education system,
  • believe you can have a war without civilian casualties,
  • don’t believe in tax cuts,
  • the producers should care for the non-producers,
  • government can solve all our problems,
  • of our Supreme Court Justices don’t believe in Constitution as written.

That’s not the whole story – these same people believe we’re the same America we’ve always been, that we’ll go on forever, and that the conservatives are the ones who are all screwed up.


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